About Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage originated in India. The founding father was Jivaka Khumar Bhaccha. He was a yogi and doctor in the ancient Indian healing system of Aryuveda. Accoring to traditional knowledge, the Buddah was one of Kumar Bhaccha's patients. This indicates that the system he used dates back about 2,500 years. Kumar, a devout Buddhist, was a significant teacher whose body/mind/spiritpractice migrated to Thailand as a part of the spiritual practices of Buddhism.


Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique that has been in popular use in Asia since the time of The Buddha (roughly 500 b.c.). The practice itself manifests as a flowing dance that synthesizes the cumulative knowledge and techniques of many disciplines. Doctor Skivagakorpaj, Ayurvedic Master and personal physician to the Buddha, is considered the originator of the form. Employing the graceful rooted movement of internal martial arts and the compassionate mindfulness instilled by the meditative experience of the practice, Thai Massage is taught both as a form to follow and also as a key to improvisational bodywork. The essence of the practice is self-awareness, and the fluid expression that naturally extends from that awareness. During the course of this class we will explore the core movements, stances, hand techniques and rooted breath awareness necessary for a strong foundation in the art.

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